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well,a maiden voyage.this is a vent spot,about people who think it’s perfectly ok to just invade another’s privacy.folks,slavery and owning people went out a long time ago,and just because you might need a little help from someone at one time does not,by any stretch give them the right to just walk around in your privacy like it’s is the absolute worst about this,but this problem is more about what folks think they’re entitled to. especially if ya live with someone,and can’t access your own things.i’ve come to understand the only way around it is to either not care,or get,i’ve chosen get the heck away.people who don’t care about the rights of others aren’t gonna change,because there’s something basically wrong with how they think,and that’s sad but true.i saw it when i was married,since my divorce,and especially now that i view the world with an eye to getting back in it.


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well,k,more on privacy.since all my things are being scrutinized as soon as i do em,we’ll just have another little round on privacy.some people think it’s ok to just take a gander at your stuff when the notion strikes em,and i for one am about at my limit of diplomacy.people need to learn there are things you don’t do to other adults,not talking about kids here,and while people may not like or agree with what you do,they need to learn it really isn’t one flippin iota of their,to all who have nosy people thinking they are gods personal hand of administration,this hillbilly knows what ya mean.there is indeed a fix,though,you just get your own world set up,and deny whoever it is all,and i mean all,access to it.drives em crazy.they don’t know every little thing you do,eventually they’ll get a life of their own,and you can relax a little.the human brain can only focus on one thing so long,then it says to itself,this isn’t productive,and moves on,thus giving you much needed hang in,it will work,promise.and if the nosy wife or family members start going to silly lengths to find out what you’re…oh my god….doing without their knowledge and control,you get a bonus chuckle out of it.we can all use those,eh? till,we meet again,.rootwad

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