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well,a maiden voyage.this is a vent spot,about people who think it’s perfectly ok to just invade another’s privacy.folks,slavery and owning people went out a long time ago,and just because you might need a little help from someone at one time does not,by any stretch give them the right to just walk around in your privacy like it’s is the absolute worst about this,but this problem is more about what folks think they’re entitled to. especially if ya live with someone,and can’t access your own things.i’ve come to understand the only way around it is to either not care,or get,i’ve chosen get the heck away.people who don’t care about the rights of others aren’t gonna change,because there’s something basically wrong with how they think,and that’s sad but true.i saw it when i was married,since my divorce,and especially now that i view the world with an eye to getting back in it.